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Perhaps someday we’ll be a hugely popular and trendy website. At that time we’ll arrogantly ignore article submissions from the riff-raff of the Conservative Proletariat and other regular people. In the meantime we’d be thrilled to receive your thoughts and perspectives in the form of written articles. We’ll try to keep the rules to a minimum, so here are some guidelines: 1) Send the article beginning with your preferred title in the body of an e-mail, not as an attachment, to  2) Include your name, general location, and a brief bio, e.g. what you do or did in your life, areas of expertise 3) Your article may be edited or commented upon by the people running this website 4) Keep in mind long articles usually sound best in your own mind; for the most part try not to exceed 2-3 pages 5) This is not a forum for personal attacks or conspiracy based rants, etc- nothing about your ex-wife’s new boyfriend or the government tracking your private phone calls and e-mails…oh, wait! 6) Profanities allowed only if pertinent to the article, for example when quoting someone else 7) We’ll try and let you know the status of your submissions, and our goal is certainly to publish your thoughts and insights, but we make no guarantee of this (I wonder if a statement of this type is good for legal reasons?)

A while ago I heard a discussion about food stamps on a local radio station. The featured guest was a social worker who offered his particular, somewhat academic perspectives on the topic. One of the call-ins was a woman who identified herself as a grocery store checkout clerk for many years. Needless to say, her perceptions differed widely from those of the putative expert…we would especially like to hear from the checkout clerks of this world.

We hope we'll be able to post quality writing but, as this not a blog for professional writers, we'll aspire to excel in content, ideas, and originality.  Please feel free to send comments or criticisms you don't necessarily want published to the above e-mail address as well.

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