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by Reid Fitzsimons

USAA is a giant insurance and financial services corporation that caters primarily to the military and veterans. Indeed, it was founded 100 years ago by a group of military officers looking for a way to insure their automobiles considering their particular circumstance. As USAA grew, they became renown for their service to members, their integrity, and their sense of honor. They became the insurance and banking equivalent of the reliable, competent, and honest mechanic who you never have to question- if he says “this is what’s broken and this is what we need to do to fix it and it will cost this much,” you know he telling the truth.

Photo of USAA CEO Wayne Peacock used in a March 2022 article in the San Antonio Express-News with the headline, "San Antonio’s USAA Bank hit with $140 million in fines by banking regulators."

Sadly, in the last few years USAA evolved its priorities from providing stellar services to members to become just like any other insurance and financial company: mass marketing, empty promises, emphasis on profits, marginal customer service, and the like. In early 2020 a new CEO was appointed, the first to have never been in the military, but rather had spent his adult life in the corporate world. As it happened, later in 2020 an event occurred that excited and titillated all manner of privileged white people: the killing of a restrained black criminal at the hands of a brutish police officer. Now rich white elites, which accurately describes the USAA CEO, could virtue signal and put on display how wonderful they are to their heart's content. Accordingly, the CEO of USAA sent a mass e-mail (admittedly, severely paraphrased!) saying, All our members are horrid racists, homophobes and all other kinds of phobes, but don’t worry, I am the enlightened one and if you vow allegiance to me and my fellow elites, you have a chance for salvation. Indeed, I am one of the bravest because I am willing to have ‘conversations’ about social justice and all that kind of thing!


by Reid Fitzsimons

We believe Lucy was born in a puppy mill and rescued by a group called Saving Saints Rescue of Flint, MI. There are vet documents from this group dated April 1, 2009 referring to her as being 1 ½ years old, which would put her being born in October, 2007. Eventually she was adopted by a family in Sydney, NY, who cared for her well, but it was a hectic household with two other larger Newfoundlands and a smaller dog; they realized Lucy wasn’t thriving and placed an ad looking for a new home. We adopted her in April 2012, and when we picked her up she didn’t hesitate to jump in our car, and the car became a “safe space” for her. Initially she was filled with anxiety, which included biting herself raw, and she was even aggressive (it would require a fair amount of puppy mill abuse and neglect to do this to one of the most loving breeds known). It took about 6 months to get her calmed down, and her life became centered around us and feeling secure.


by Reid Fitzsimons

I’m a tall white guy, but I don’t have any sense of “tall pride” or “male pride” or “white pride.” I’m not ashamed to be tall or male or white because it’s just the way it is. The thing about pride is that, by definition, it is something related to accomplishment. For example, one might feel a neighborly pride because they learned the skills that allow them to help the widow next door with a plumbing problem, or do-gooder pride because they set up a fun and wholesome project for poor kids in an impoverished country. Feeling pride merely for existing is empty and meaningless, like getting an award for simply showing up and meeting minimal expectations. Really, how much pride can a male athlete, who doesn’t do well competing against fellow males, feel by declaring he’s a female and beating girls? Hopefully none.

The proud winner is Rhys McKinnon, who later changed his name to Rachael McKinnon, and again to Veronica Ivy. Apparently winning and attention is everything for this guy, even if he had to pretend to be a girl to ride to victory.