White Supremacy Or White Superiority

I am unaware of any demographic studies of “white supremacists,” so I’ll infer some characteristics based on experience and stereotypes: poorly educated, raised in lower socioeconomic circumstances and never rose above them, were bullied and/or bullies growing up, poor self-esteem and low accomplishment driving a need to perceive themselves as better than others, with blacks especially fitting the bill. They could generally be described as losers who spend an unhealthy time on the internet (not a problem unique to them!), posting about the “13%” in response to news articles featuring crimes perpetrated by black people (13% being the rough proportion of blacks in the US), and a “what can you expect” theme, i.e. “it’s just the way they are.” It’s never quite clear what actual “white supremacists” want, though consistent with being weak and ignorant cowards, they need people whom they can demean and diminish so they can feel better about their desultory and deficient lives.

The funny thing is, while actual white supremacists are in short supply, not nearly enough to meet the political demands to justify the “social justice” and “diversity, equity, and inclusion” industries, there really is a cultural and political power that shares a similar mindset of the largely ethereal white supremacists: to coin a new term, “white superiorists.”

An early cover of Uncle Tom's Cabin, written in 1852. The legend is that when Abraham Lincoln met the author he stated, "So you're the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war."

In the antebellum days in America slaves owners approached their slaves in different ways. There certainly were plenty of Simon Legree types (he being the vicious and vile plantation master in the transformative novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin). But there also were progressive slave owners, those who treated their chattel with relative kindness, as if slaves were family pets, to be fed and cared for, but always susceptible to beatings or other discipline for unruly behavior. Like pet dogs, they were trainable to an extent, but not educable. Then a remarkable thing happened, correctly characterized as unprecedented in human history: a nation tore itself apart and shed the blood and lives of 100s of thousands of citizens to rid itself of an evil that plagued mankind from the beginning of time, this being the Civil War. Yet the legacy and mentality of the progressive slave owners never fully disappeared, and more recently it has been rearing its hideous head again. But it’s a well-coiffed head, and from its mouth comes soothing words; the patronizing slave owner telling his “boy” he did good work in the fields.

Professor Deborah Ball, who believes black people are incapable of learning math, and therefore math is racist

In 2021 Deborah Ball, a mathematics professor and former dean of the University of Michigan School of Education, offered soothing words to black students doing poorly in math: it’s not your fault because “...mathematics is itself dominated by whiteness and racism” and considering math proficiency to be a sign of intelligence is “raced.” It’s a very polite and nuanced way of saying, “you, as a non-white person, are too stupid to learn arithmetic.” Deborah Ball is a typical example of a white superiorist, and they don’t come whiter than her.

Again noting there is likely no demographic data to characterize those who are of the white superiority caste, characteristics can be inferred from experience and stereotypes. As compared to the other side of the same coin- white supremacists- they are likely to be well-educated and raised in affluent circumstances and have never known otherwise, i.e. beneficiaries of “white privilege.” Like their brethren, they were bullied and/or bullies growing up and have poor self-esteem. They may be ostensibly successful, but it is superficial: they used their privilege for academic and career success, but then used that to insulate themselves from the unsophisticated/unwashed masses. A white supremacist has little and is filled with bitterness; a white superiorist has much but knows it’s mostly vanity, and is filled with guilt and greed. The commonality is that both groups need to feel they are better than others in order to feel good about themselves, and they choose blacks as the group to which they can feel superior.

Robin D'Angelo, a white superiorist and professor of "whiteness studies"

This idea that non-whites are innately inferior, that they just can’t cut it, has infiltrated pretty much every segment of America in recent years, and at alarming speed. This is especially evident in the criminal justice system. An undeniable and unfortunate truth is that black people (primarily young black males) commit a hugely disproportionate number of crimes and, not surprisingly make up a disproportionate number of people involved in the criminal justice system. Not surprisingly, a huge percentage of their victims are black.

What to make of this? A white supremacist will say something like, “They are inherently savages and they should all be in prison or sent back to Africa.” A white superiorist will think, “blacks are inherently inferior and can’t be held accountable for their failings.” The key is that seeing a disproportionate number of black people incarcerated, for example, they are unable to ask the difficult question of “why,” and cling to the unifying and satisfying anodyne of “systemic racism.” Their solutions are not designed to treat the root problems, but to gloss over them. Hence we have “defund” the police movements, arbitrary release of criminals from prison, and trivializing crime so as to decrease arrest numbers.

This chart is from a website called datahazard, and should be viewed with skepticism. Nevertheless, it is consistent with "mainstream" statistical sources that basically demonstrate young black males commit a hugely disproportionate number of crimes (in this case murder); their victims are typically also black.

California (in)famously has a law in which “petty theft,” meaning stealing property up to $950 in value, is a misdemeanor. While in theory there can be minor penalties for such crimes, the reality is that essentially no white superiorist DA is going to pursue prosecution out of fear too many of the arrested will be black. So the poor schmuck who who has his used $250 Schwinn bike stolen needs to suck it up, while the wealthy environmentalist white guy whose $4,000 carbon frame bike is ripped off can expect some degree of criminal justice response. Funny how that works.

We are told that voting laws that require showing some form of identification are racist because black people, unique among everyone else, just don’t have the wherewithal to obtain ID. It’s not their fault, you see, they’re just stupid.

See explanation of graphic below

In 2020 the Smithsonian-affiliated National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) exhibited a poster, “Aspects and Assumptions of Whiteness in the United States.” Needless to say, the various “aspects” of “whiteness” were to be viewed negatively. The poster listed 25+ characteristics of “whiteness” including self-reliance, independence and autonomy (being) highly valued, the nuclear family, objective thinking, hard work (being) the key to success, planning for the future, delayed gratification, protecting property, and decision making. White superiorists and white supremacists would agree: these traits and beliefs are not within the capabilities of black people. Just as black people obviously couldn’t be educated in 1840 America, they can’t be expected to think objectively or delay gratification in 2024. “Whiteness” was the subject of a book entitled White Fragility that was also featured at the museum, the author being a really white lady and professor of “Whiteness Studies" named Robin D’Angelo. The poster was removed from the website of the NMAAHC.

An objective thinker, white skinned or otherwise, might reasonably ask, “How does one evolve into the mindset of white superiority?” Perhaps the answer can be found in the (in)famous observation Joe Biden made in 2007 (at the age of 64) of Barack Obama: "I mean, you got the first sort of mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man." Is it even possible to live 64 years without meeting an articulate, bright, and clean black person? Apparently, at least if your name is Bubba or Biden.

The CEO of United Airlines and white superiorist, Scott Kirby. Traditionally airlines have emphasized their commitment to safety, but Kirby has gained recent notice, in addition to his "drag queen" proclivities, by prioritizing "diversity" (see link below)

Sambo and Quimbo

It's quite common today to find obsequious black celebrities, sports stars, politicians, professors of “studies” programs, “civil rights” activists, etc propagating this idea of black inferiority, parroting the narratives of progressive white superiorists. Black voices who don't buy into the "we can't do it, our race is incapable" paradigm are suppressed and marginalized as "Toms." This may seem counterintuitive, but it's easily explained: the power, wealth, and status of these black notables is dependent on the generosity of the privileged white class. It's common for people to tie their futures and fortunes to those who hold cultural, economic, and political power, and it's not inherently a bad thing. The question comes down to, is someone willing to benefit themselves at the expense of others? The black activist willing to say, "Yes, holding black children to math or reading standards is racist, because black kids are just dumb. Yes, expecting young black men to not assault and carjack is racist because that's simply who they are, and therefore the legal consequences should be minimized. We cannot expect black males to act as fathers to their children because that's a white thing." The privileged black activist class is wiling to demean and diminish other blacks in order to suck up to the elite white class, to accept the table scraps thrown at them.

Curiously, it seems the wealthier a society, the more people seek the status of victimhood, as if not being held responsible for one's failings is a kind of psychological absolution: It's Not My Fault! This is certainly not limited to black people, but the message has been ingrained in several generations of black people by the white superiority class. Emphasizing black inferiority and inability to be held accountable for one's actions has served the emotional, economic, and political needs of white progressives well, all the while belittling and diminishing black people.

Uncle Tom's Cabin ends with Tom being beaten to death at the orders of the vicious slave owner Simon Legree; Tom had refused to reveal the whereabouts of some escaped slaves. Legree didn't perform the actual beating, rather two fellow slaves, Sambo and Quimbo, gladly did the deed. 170+ years later, it's something we should keep in mind.

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  1. Kurt Smith

    I really believe that you hit the nail on the head. Superior white progressive thinking is in the process of dismantling the traditional America as we know it. Divide and conquer is their mantra. Being a man of German heritage I must be a rascist/white supremacist of the first degree. I’ll have to check with my daughter. She married a black man who fathered my beautiful granddaughter, who I love and adore very much. To lump all Anglo Americans into one category can only be made by mentally unstable individuals. Brainwashing being done by the elites in the NWO, WEF and communist propaganda machine.


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