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by Reid Fitzsimons

Joe Biden, our demented, deranged, and diminished President, has an interesting verbal tic. For decades he has told tall tales and make believe anecdotes that he thinks will be to his political advantage. From his silly “I was coal miner” to this cynical and vicious “the other driver involved in the death of my wife and infant daughter (in the 1970’s) was drunk,” there is no fantasy too fantastic for him not to utter. Not uncommonly, we know he is lying because he’ll insert the phrase “Not a joke!” The introduction to this article, which is about why so many girls and young women believe they want to become males, is definitely not a joke, as follows.

The time I spent in Kenya in 2002 and 2003 as the volunteer medical director (PA) of a remotely located clinic coincided with the peak of the African AIDS epidemic. AIDS was only one among many hideous diseases- malaria was actually more common- that maimed and killed so many, and never a week went by (sometimes never a day) where there was misery and suffering incomprehensible to most Americans. One horrific belief among some men with AIDS was that they could be cured by having sex with a young female, and the girl really didn’t have any say in the matter. One day, the tragedy of the day was a girl of perhaps 18 who, in one clinic visit, was diagnosed with AIDS, tuberculosis, syphilis, and noted to have peau d'orange on the skin on her breasts, suggestive of an atypical form of breast cancer. Keep this in mind when considering the things that cause us so much angst in our very privileged American lives.

To girls and young women: if you can’t live up to this standard of womanhood, if you’re not hot and sexy, you are a LOSER and might as well “transition” and become a guy.


by Reid Fitzsimons

Sam Brinton (standing) was a Biden appointee as a deputy assistant secretary, Dept. of Energy

As a nation, as hopefully compassionate and reasoned people, we need to understand and admit “transgenderism” is not real. Gender (or sex) is an immutable thing, and can no more be changed than eye color. My eyes are the most drab of colors- brown- and even though society has declared blue and green are the most desirable, mine are brown, and always will be.

That is not to say there is not something called “gender dysphoria.” The word “dysphoria” is of Greek origin and basically means difficult mood. We see the prefix “dys” in a number of medical words (dysuria- difficult urination) and “phoria” is often prefixed with “eu,” i.e. euphoria- a state of happiness, perhaps excessively so. Dysphorias of any type are an emotional state, in which a person typically has poor self-esteem, an inner directed dislike or even hatred, and a general dissatisfaction in life, as if something is seriously missing. These people are inclined to search for an explanation for how they feel, and are exceptionally susceptible to those offering easy answers, to those who are more than happy to exploit them. You can see this by watching predatory televangelists: “Send me a donation of $$$ and you will find everlasting comfort and joy in God’s love.”

There are a number of basic tenets that should be considered when analyzing this thing called “transgenderism,” with four of them as follows. First, it is almost exclusively a concept/luxury found in wealthy societies- people who live in impoverished countries and societies- most of the world- are busy worrying where they will find something to eat or if they will die of a tropical disease, not what pronoun they might prefer. Second, it went from essentially having no historical precedent to what amounts to a cultural pandemic in the blink of an eye, which is consistent with a fad and/or intentional propagation. Third, and relatedly, there are a significant number of upper caste people who profit, both financially and in regards to political and cultural power, by “transgenderism.” Finally, This type of frenetic movement inevitably takes on the characteristics of the harshest of religions: You WILL bow down before Baal and you WILL offer up sacrifices, lest you be destroyed!

A "drag queen" invited to read to children at a Binghamton, NY library