Blowhards and Deplorables

by Reid Fitzsimons

During much of the Presidential primary season in 2016 I was out of the country in a fairly remote area with little access to news. Upon my return in May, while on a layover at the Atlanta airport and their endless broadcasts of CNN, I learned that Trump has sewn up the Republican nomination. I admit I felt a little queasy the news: I didn’t really know that much about Trump and never watched that show with the tag-line “You’re Fired!,” but I had heard plenty from the establishment news media that he was somehow dangerous and clearly not their guy. In general the other Republican candidates fit the desired mold of being “reasonable,” willing to “cross the aisle” and work with Democrats. I did know Trump was a blowhard.

Donald Trump and Barack Obama post-election Nov. 2016

Over the summer Trump was officially nominated, as was Hillary Clinton (HRC) for the Democrats. The latter, who is a true sociopath, made it easier to vote for Trump despite my severe reservations. Perhaps due to increasing age and cynicism I avoided watching the conventions and speeches, but shortly before the election I was in a cheap motel room in Pensacola, FL, turned on the TV and found Trump at some campaign rally. I girded myself to listen to his shtick, fully expecting him to rant with spittle flying and bark like a seal, this being largely how he was portrayed by the establishment press. What I found instead was a pretty typical political speech with the usual promises of prosperity, jobs, strong military, etc. Part of his rhetoric involved “make America great again (MAGA).

3 thoughts on “Blowhards and Deplorables

  1. Kurt Smith

    Too many vote for a personality and smooth talker. Mean tweets “AAHHH”!!! I prefer a growing economy, secure borders, energy independence, a smoother exit from Afghanistan where we didn’t lose 13 members of our military, along with $83 million in military equipment. Which in turn emboldened the communists of the world to flex their muscles, since we, the USA, have lost our cajones. If we don’t regain our country in this next election, I fear we may not be able to get back to the America we used to know.

    1. Kurt Smith

      I didn’t mean Joebama is a smooth talker. Him being able to connect enough words together to make a sentence is astonishing in itself. The get Trump out of the way crowd have and will continue to do whatever they can get away with to keep him out of the White House.


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