Monthly Archives: February 2020

Back in 2002-2003 I served as a volunteer medical director at a clinic in remote Kenya, East Africa. This was at the time of the AIDS pandemic with suffering beyond the comprehension of most Americans. Needless to say, we generated a large amount of bio-hazard type waste, especially blood and pus and associated needles and scalpels, etc. These all were discarded into a designated pit.

Late one night a pregnant lady came to the clinic with obvious malaria, which actually accounted for most of the morbidity and mortality in our area. There was some debate in the literature about the effects of malaria on pregnancy, but sadly the mother miscarried and the dead child was fully expelled intact from her uterus. The baby was a fully formed girl, perhaps 23 to 25 weeks of gestation, and fully abortable by the standards of the Democrat party. The dilemma I faced was what to do with this dead baby- throw her down the pit, which would be consistent with the Democrat belief that this child possessed no more value than a tumor or basin full of pus, or provide some kind of dignified burial for her. Despite not being a believer in God or any religion, I could not help but to choose the latter.

I would like to ask the luminaries of the Democrat party- Cuomo, Warren, Buttigieg, Schumer, Biden, Northham, Pelosi- what they would choose, the pit or burial. I guess, unfortunately, we know the answer: to choose other than the pit would impart humanity on the baby, and this is contrary to their narrative that such a child is nothing more than medical waste, not just at 12 or 24 weeks of gestation, but right up to full term and even post-birth.