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I had a flight to Queen Elizabeth NP and back today, and snapped this photo of the wildlife there. Notice the elephant Mama on lifeguard duty. She has told the little ones: stay between the hippos and the shore, and she is not watching them, but watching for crocodiles.

Stephen Schwartz’ 1971 musical “Godspell” featured a duet for Judas and Jesus called “It’s All For the Best” (performed on the top of the World Trade Center Towers in that youtube clip). Schwartz composed a clever play on words in which Judas and Jesus use the same phrase with opposite meanings. Judas means that he thinks elites (like himself) are entitled to have everything, while Jesus is just asserting that things will work out OK in the end, for both the proletariat and for the elites, if they want. “Godspell” the musical is based on Matthew, but in the original Godspell of John (“Godspell” is an archaic spelling of “Gospel”), ch. 12, there is a real dialog between Judas and Jesus which has some interesting parallels to the dialog written by Schwartz. ...continue reading

Pardon my French (and Latin)

In math, "equality" (A=B) and "diversity" (A≠B) are contradictory and mutually exclusive hypotheses. Mathematicians (except those working on Schrodinger's Cat) generally do not try to hold contradictory hypotheses as both true. However, in modern political and social theory it is necessary to value both "equality" and "diversity" at the same time, especially for those on the left who admire the French Revolution more than the American one. The French said "equality!” in French, while the Americans said "from diversity, unity!” in Latin. ...continue reading