A Small Town and a Larger Controversy

by Reid Fitzsimons

Susquehanna County is a rural part of Northeast Pennsylvania that voted about 70% for Trump in the 2020 election: not the land of "embracing diversity" and all the other meaningless racist and progressive drivel associated with the Democrat party. So several months ago, when suspicion emerged that the local library system was going to change its book lending policy to allow minors to borrow items without their parent's knowledge, there was discontent. This took the form of mass attendance at library board meetings and associated defensiveness from the library establishment, lots of charges and counter-charges, and Letters to the Editor of the local paper, several submitted by me. Below is a recent one I composed, which hopefully is self-explanatory. In this case I went a step further and actually contacted the library director, wanting to separate the facts from emotion, which proved interesting.

To the Editor:

I would like to offer some analysis on the letter from Bernard Remakus that appeared in the Nov. 1st issue of the Transcript and concerned the controversy over library policy; he made several arguments in favor of the establishment powers, so to speak, all varying from ill-considered to specious. Perhaps the most obvious of the latter is the statement, “For parents who want to know everything their children are reading, the board has allowed them to do so by having their children register with the library on the same library cards their parents use.” The disingenuousness of this false anodyne places it in the realm of absurd: would the board somehow forcibly prohibit linking parent’s cards with their kid’s (* see below)?

Dr. Remakus offers us a placating and saccharine line, “Society is, and has always been, built on the family….” followed by lecturing parents that they, “Also have the responsibility to engender trust and respect in their children, and engage in constructive and educational dialogue with their children about what is appropriate to read and what may become more appropriate to read at some later time,” then insultingly concludes, “For parents who implicitly trust their children or, for any other reason, don't feel the need to supervise their reading preferences, the board has allowed their children to access books with a library card of their own.”

2 thoughts on “A Small Town and a Larger Controversy

  1. Carole Ann Milljour

    Good one Alfred!

    That was a fantastic article again, Reid. It is so refreshing to hear there are parents, a number of them anyway, that do stand up against some of the most pathetic attempts to make their children not accountable to them. If more people stood up against this crazy nonsense that's been proposed and promoted, then more than likely, it could very well come to a halt. We can only hope and pray! It is so scary for children out there now. We didn't have all this access to so much devastation and filth from John Q public 60 years ago. Being an adult, I don't appreciate a lot of what I see and hear even on the news, let alone the internet and the like.

    Your letter was well done, Reid, I wish more people were in tune to what's really going on to this countries' children. From abortion to sex education, not teaching cursive in schools (how do young adults maneuver us older folks handwriting if they can't read it!??? ,,,that happened to me recently when a 19 year old asked me to read something for her because she
    didn't learn cursive!); Transgender to no gender (???? how does that one grab yah, unbelievable!); from taking our history books and changing the course of history by liberals who want to destroy this great nation, brainwashing those innocent minds to a point they don't know what real truth is. We have a lot of work to do to straighten out this mess. Children are too young to understand what's really going on and when they're of reason, it seems they have been so brainwashed, they end up taking things for face value instead of questioning what they've been forced to learn/believe.
    I always looked at Obama as being the pied piper, taking innocent minds and leading them down the path of destruction and/or no return. He is still in charge I do believe. Scary world, but I think more and more people are on the side of justice and good will and those who will certainly have a lot to account for. We never know in life what we will be faced with, but there is still a lot of good in this crazy world and nothing bad lasts forever. On that note, Happy thanksgiving. We are still, for the most part, the land of the free and the home of the brave! We need more courageous people, and I pray they find their voice! ...and I believe we are on the upside of that happening ...it is just a matter of time!


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