Born This Way or Not: Homosexuality and Transgenderism

At this time a very ugly scenario is playing out in Texas in which a mother who, to be frank, seems somewhere between a hyperactivist and simply deranged, is demanding her 7 year old son be processed into a little girl (who she likes to call”Luna”), while the father (they are divorced) is actively opposing this (here is a link to an excellent and detailed article discussing this situation:

One paragraph from this article especially impressed me, it mentioning a quote by the mother’s lawyer from July 2019: “This case is about a little six-year-old girl. It’s a little girl who knows she is a girl. It’s a girl who wears cute, frilly, girlie clothes. She plays with super girlie bears and dolls and toys. . . . [Her] self-portraits of herself show herself with big, huge, ginormous eyelashes and hair down to the floor. . . . And the father in this case wants boys. He has twins, and the reality is, Luna, at birth, was given the gender identity as a boy, but she completely and totally identifies as a girl now.”

I must confess I am vehemently anti-feminist in terms of what progressive feminism has deteriorated into- I like women to be strong, self-assured, capable, independent, etc- but modern feminism sees females as helpless and hapless victims, perpetually oppressed and unable to do anything about it. They are viewed as emotionally fragile and in constant need of protection (by the government especially, certainly not by husbands, fathers, brothers and other traditional male figures). They are always just a moment away of suffering from vapors and need a cultural fainting couch nearby. It is for this reason I find the words of this lawyer so disturbing- she is in fact creating a social construct that is offensive, demeaning to girls, and painfully stereotypical.

In the 1980s I worked for a little over three years as a medical practitioner (PA) in a prison. One day an inmate assigned to clean the place said, “I love mopping, it makes me feel like a woman.” I actually was pleased that he felt comfortable enough to say this because he knew he wouldn’t incur any problems as long as he did his job and obeyed the prison rules. He knew, in fact, that he was in an environment of tolerance: you are welcome, as an adult, to perceive yourself as a female as long as you don’t require or demand that others do also.

Many people are dissatisfied in their lives, which I personally believe is largely a function of the enormous wealth we enjoy in the Western world- if one is worrying about basic sustenance they are less likely to worry about the deeper questions that occupy wealthy people, such as “Would my life have meaning if my hair was purple?”  A common characteristic of dissatisfied people is to ponder “If Only,” such as if only I had this or that then my life would be great. I think of the idiocy in our culture that portrays women with large breasts more attractive and feel for those who think, “if only my breasts were bigger I would find happiness.”

One basic question that I’ve never seen asked, let alone answered, is by what basis a person knows they will find fulfillment by becoming something they are not, especially in regards to physical traits, and more specifically in regards to gender. The only obvious answer is they cannot know because they are who they are, not someone they are not. In desiring to be someone other than who they are, they are sadly, and perhaps tragically, rejecting him or herself, and this is not a situation consistent with good mental or emotional health.

As alluded to above, there is a direct contradiction between the activist homosexuals who declare they are biologically homosexuals and therefore cannot change, and the transgender activists claim that biology doesn’t matter. One thing they do have in common, besides being part of the leftist-progressive stew, is that they seek, and demand affirmation and approval from others.

This is increasingly evidenced, and exploited by intellectually corrupt politicians: as when an activist goes to a Christian business and demands they do something in opposition to their religious beliefs at the threat of being financially ruined; or when a mother expresses concern when a guy demands to use the same bathroom as her young daughter, or when a physician is banned from practice because he mentioned in a “training session,” after being “confronted” with a hypothetical scenario, that he felt unable to disregard his belief in the immutability of sex. This latter example is interesting from a medical-legal viewpoint: would a medical practitioner be violating some bizarre moral code of leftism because he ordered a PSA (a marker for prostate cancer) in a male who had declared himself a female? The answer would have to be “yes” in the warped perception of transgender activism.

Gay “pride” marches, laws regarding pronouns, and even same-sex marriage are not about civil rights but rather a reflect a compelling need for the homosexual or transgender activist to be acknowledged by others, a message of “I cannot accept of who I am, so I require (and demand) others accept me.” Paradoxically, from the conservative standpoint, the belief is, “be comfortable with who you are, it doesn’t matter if I agree with your choice or not, only that I treat you with the inherent dignity deserved by all people. And please, there should be more to who you are then the sex of the person with whom you prefer to have sex- don’t limit who you are to something so relatively unimportant!”

Almost as a parlor game, the LGBQT activists try to browbeat individuals, organizations, businesses, and society as a whole into abandoning beliefs they may possess and forcing not just active acceptance but celebration of their personal sexual and gender preferences. This is similar to a bully religion demanding, “believe in and embrace our God or you will face scorn, banishment, and even violence.” In fact, bullying has become the sine qua non of LGBQT activism, which includes hateful disparagement many wonderful, tolerant, and compassionate people- in particular believing Christians are targeted because homosexuality is viewed Scripturally as a sin, and for some reason this is exquisitely uncomfortable for activists.  Unfortunately the LGBTQ lobby doesn’t understand the theology and somehow confuse sin with being rejected and hated, which actually is not allowed in Christian belief, an irony because hatred seems to be the first arrow launched from the quiver of the left when they encounter an opposing view or belief. One thing we should all agree on is that inflicting transgenderism on children is despicable; were I religious I would call it a sin. Taken to its fullest medical and surgical measure, processing a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy means literally polluting their bodies with hormonal drugs and mutilating their bodies, to include mastectomies and orchiectomies (castration). If someone believes a child is capable of consenting to something so life altering they are either absolutely ignorant about children, criminally selfish- wanting to be perceived as really hip and progressive- or truly deranged. If a minor can consent to such drastic measures, then certainly they can consent to having sex with adults, smoking, consuming alcohol, entering into contracts, and becoming prostitutes - to believe otherwise would be absolutely hypocritical. No person with any reason, compassion, or humanity should support children being processed into the opposite sex.

One thought on “Born This Way or Not: Homosexuality and Transgenderism

  1. Carole Ann Milljour

    Reid, Well done and well worth the read!
    My feeling too, is that if a child can’t vote until they are anywhere between the ages of 16 to 18 years old in the US, then why should a parent or anyone else be allowed to make any decision regarding their gender any time before that child is able to make that determination, as an adult, themselves. Sometimes I wonder why those people even want to have children.....a child needs to be a child, accepted and loved for who they are, just as they are! Otherwise, how are they ever going to be able to manage their lives as adults. They, to me, will be confused and incapable of understanding not only what's going on with them, but what's going on in the world around them regarding the confusion over their gender; one they didn’t ask for or approve of in the first place.
    Growing up, I myself had to deal with inferiority complexes, comparing myself to other girls my age, academic ups and downs, shyness, the list goes on and on. I can't imagine being born a girl who was changed into a boy due to my parent's desire and not my own. With enough problems growing up as it was, being forced into that scenario would have really done me in! does a child cope with it, or could he or she even be able to without trips to the psychiatrist time and time again? There should be a law against it!
    Great article Reid, people really need to step up to the plate and not allow this to happen! As you noted in your article, for the various reasons you mentioned, your comment “No person with any reason, compassion, or humanity should support children being processed into the opposite sex.” certainly, says it all!


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