Born This Way or Not: Homosexuality and Transgenderism

A reference to Bruce Jenner receiving an ESPN "courage award."

by Reid Fitzsimons

We live in a rural and decidedly Republican area of Northeast, PA- our county went for Trump something like 70/30 in 2016.  Down the hill is a little town of perhaps 150 people, and in the 8years we’ve been here a house on Main Street has distinctly displayed several flags, including the US flag, a “rainbow” flag that contained the words “Don’t Tread On Me,” and one that stated, “Born This Way;” the flags have weathered and faded over time and have been replaced.  I have never seen the person or persons who live in this house but I assume he, she, or they are homosexual activists of some sort.  I’ve never heard of any trouble, such as the flags being stolen or anti-homosexual graffiti, but this is not surprising as the overall conservative philosophy in such matters is “whatever you do, though it might not be my cup of tea, is yours to do as long as it doesn’t interfere with the rights of others.”

The progressive left has certain immutable beliefs that paradoxically often prove to be quite fluid. The above-mentioned sentiment, “Born This Way,” implies there is a genetic imperative connected to homosexuality.  While I’m fairly certain there is no established “homosexual gene,” this concept has been a mainstay of homosexual activism, which disallows any suggestion that a homosexual can change, therefore any treatments or therapies (“conversion therapy”) are not only scorned but in some cases have been made illegal.  Curiously this is in direct opposition to what is called transgenderism, the advocates of which declare that scientific genetics (xx versus xy) can and should be ignored, because concepts of gender are merely “social constructs,” specifically those created by oppressive conservative males of European descent. Also, curiously, conversion therapy in regards to transgenderism is not only allowed but demanded by activists.

I can’t help but think the displayer(s) of these flags wouldn’t mind a little “homophobic” action, some vandalism or the like- they are obviously trying to make a statement and I suspect they would like some kind of confirmation that they’ve been heard.  Ironically for decades “tolerance,” which is plentiful, has been the catchword of such activists, their ostensible goal, but it is really approbation that is being sought, and the problem with affirmation/approbation is that it is an extrinsic phenomenon that by nature requires the participation of other people.  Tolerance is a passive live and let live thing; approval, and the associated demands of “embracing” and “celebrating” is active, and herein lies a political and social dilemma. 

One thought on “Born This Way or Not: Homosexuality and Transgenderism

  1. Carole Ann Milljour

    Reid, Well done and well worth the read!
    My feeling too, is that if a child can’t vote until they are anywhere between the ages of 16 to 18 years old in the US, then why should a parent or anyone else be allowed to make any decision regarding their gender any time before that child is able to make that determination, as an adult, themselves. Sometimes I wonder why those people even want to have children.....a child needs to be a child, accepted and loved for who they are, just as they are! Otherwise, how are they ever going to be able to manage their lives as adults. They, to me, will be confused and incapable of understanding not only what's going on with them, but what's going on in the world around them regarding the confusion over their gender; one they didn’t ask for or approve of in the first place.
    Growing up, I myself had to deal with inferiority complexes, comparing myself to other girls my age, academic ups and downs, shyness, the list goes on and on. I can't imagine being born a girl who was changed into a boy due to my parent's desire and not my own. With enough problems growing up as it was, being forced into that scenario would have really done me in! does a child cope with it, or could he or she even be able to without trips to the psychiatrist time and time again? There should be a law against it!
    Great article Reid, people really need to step up to the plate and not allow this to happen! As you noted in your article, for the various reasons you mentioned, your comment “No person with any reason, compassion, or humanity should support children being processed into the opposite sex.” certainly, says it all!


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