Hate Is The New Love

by Reid Fitzsimons

I spend a fair amount of time outside of the US, though less so than in prior years. In May of 2016, upon returning from 7 weeks in a rural area in Central America, I learned in the Atlanta airport that Donald Trump was assured the Republican nomination. I must say I felt a mix of disbelief and dismay, having never thought it was possible. Nevertheless, his opponent in the general election was so unappealing personally, politically, and philosophically that Hillary Clinton’s candidacy made voting for Trump tolerable.

I am admittedly an unabashed conservative and in general am pleased that Trump seems more inclined to support conservative positions than I envisioned. It is perplexing, however, that instead of offering cohesive arguments in a thoughtful manner and walking a straightforward path toward achieving policy goals, he meanders about needlessly kicking dogs and placing his hands wasp nests. Somehow he never learned the wisdom of thinking before opening his mouth.

While Donald Trump bewilders a reasonable person with his seemingly pointless quest to be his own worst enemy, his opposition, unable to best him in the election, is surpassing him in the realm of inexplicable bizarreness, to the point of lunacy. For every deranged celebrity holding up a faux-severed Trump head, for every mainstream journalist discarding their last vestiges of integrity in pursuit of unhinged bias, and for every progressive politician and activist uttering public obscenities to demonstrate their outrage, real or pretend, the impossible happens: Trump, one of the least sympathetic people imaginable, becomes a figure for whom one can almost feel sorry.

Sadly, and despite moronic love sloganeering (“Love is Love,” “Love Trumps Hate,” etc), to be accepted in our pervasive progressive culture, one is required to be consumed by a soul-crushing hatred of Trump, and to express it liberally. I am as susceptible as anyone to a normal range of emotions but am simply incapable of feeling the visceral hatred the left demands, hatred that has overtaken reason, decency, and compassion.

Subsequent to the election, losing candidate Clinton has acquitted herself poorly- incapable of introspection she fabricates lists of people and events, all extrinsic, that led to her defeat. This has proven tiresome, though at times amusing, especially when she directly blamed her own Democratic Party and obliquely Barack Obama. Having shown herself as ignoble in defeat as she did during her joyous time as the assumed winner (yet another factor she includes in the list of malevolent forces beyond her control), I can say that were another election held today between Trump and Clinton I would again vote for Trump, and with perhaps even less reluctance.

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