The Islamic Culpability Denial Syndrome

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by Reid Fitzsimons (note that this is written the day following the terrorist attack in Nice, France)

Reasonable people, not just provincial redneck hicks, can divine a correlation between Islam and these rather persistent terrorist attacks, the toll of which is not insignificant. The perpetrators are running pretty much at 100% in the yelling Allahu Akbar thing, and they aren’t, to the chagrin of progressives, declaring themselves to be conservative Christians slaughtering in the name of Jesus. The Ivy League educated powers that lead us are quite vehement in instructing the ignorant masses there is no association between terrorism and Islam, with the caveat that there would be no benefit in stating such if it was true, which makes us conclude they suffer from the Islamic Culpability Denial Syndrome, or ICDS.

Characteristics of ICDS include ignoring that the perpetrators of terror unequivocally state they are Muslim and are acting on behalf of Islam, that they have historically received material and philosophical support from “legitimate” Islamic oriented governments (including our new BFF Iran), and the brutal and perpetual Islam on Islam violence. Combined with the paltry denunciations of violence done in the name of Islam by people who might reasonably be considered Islamic leaders both internationally and in the US, in both political and religious realms, ICDS is baffling.

Before I continue it’s revealing to mention a study involving Muslims living in Europe, with the forewarning that any sentence that begins with, “According to a study,” should be viewed skeptically. With that said, according to a new study (this being from a November 2015 article, but apparently referencing data several years old) by WZB Berlin Social Science Center (whoever they may be), the study posed three questions to the immigrant Turks and Moroccans in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland and Sweden (the percentage shown is affirmative responses):

  • Do you think Sharia is more important to you than the laws of the country you live? (66%)
  • Do you mean that there is only one legitimate interpretation of the Koran that should apply to all Muslims? (75%)
  • Are you saying that Muslims should return to their “Islamic roots”? (60%)

To summarize the implications of this report, a majority of Muslims living in the European countries studied are not going to be found frolicking in the dog park with their wives or girlfriends wearing shorts and tee-shirts listening to Kayne West or Miley Cyrus (the latter not actually a bad thing). Here is the URL for the study I am referencing:

So the question is, is there any reason for our enlightened progressive leaders to state what is pretty undeniably the truth, i.e that the terrorism is Islamic? Would stating the reality, other than the idea of it being true, offer any benefit in fighting the terrorism? I personally have nothing against using the qualifier “radical Islam” because I don’t believe huge numbers of Muslims are evil killers, but even this is too much for our venerable progressive masters. If nothing else, an argument could be made that if the terrorism was publicly and consistently put on the shoulders of Islam, and if Islam is in fact a religion of peace, the scholars, clerics, and political leaders of Islam would be pressured to state, in a unified voice, This Is Not What We Are About!!  The hope being those predominantly young men contemplating martyrdom might step back and think to themselves, “Maybe this mass killing I’m planning would not actually be pleasing to Allah.”   It would be nice to hear some CAIR type organization denounce terrorist acts without being followed by a “but” or “however.”

There is no doubt in my mind that if terrorism was conducted in the name of Christianity, Obama and company would call it “Christian terrorism,” and would be correct in doing so (assuming it wasn’t some isolated nut job from the Westboro Baptist Church), though they probably wouldn’t add the qualifier “radical.” There is also no question that Christian leaders across the board would utterly denounce such acts in a unified voice, using not only humanitarian arguments but theological ones as well. And hopefully the perpetrators would not find succor anywhere in the world. Certainly Obama and company would go farther and demand all Christians renounce any scriptural tenets not consistent with trending now progressivism if they wanted a seat at his table and be on the right side of history, etc, etc, but that’s for another time.

Like most people, probably including many Muslims, I am woefully ignorant about the Koran. I think I know enough to say it is filled with words of peace and beauty, but that there is just enough scriptural and doctrinal leeway, especially if the Hadith (roughly commentary and interpretations of the Koran and words of Mohammed) is included, to theologically justify violence and terrorism. To be fair, the Jewish Bible (Old Testament to Christians) could be described similarly, though that thinking hasn’t been invoked since Daniel was in the lion's den, around 2,500 years ago. The Christian New Testament is somewhat atypical among the Abrahamic religions (I don’t remotely have enough knowledge to analyze other world religions in this regard) in that there are no exhortations for Christians to commit violence in God’s name. This is not to say that evil people calling themselves Christians didn’t pervert scripture to permit plundering, raping, and massacring, just that they had no theological basis to do so.

I have to admit I am really tired of Obama and look forward to his post-Presidential life (though in regards to dignity, statesmanship, maturity, the list goes on, he never actually had a Presidency) with his new residence in a nine bedroom, $5.3 million mansion in DC. Will his successor also suffer from Islamic Culpability Denial Syndrome, and the related Constitutional Disregard Syndrome (CDS). If Clinton wins she’ll continue the Obama practice of both, if Trump wins only the latter. Dios Ayudenos (God Help Us in Spanish, though I’m not a believer).






One thought on “The Islamic Culpability Denial Syndrome

  1. Carole Ann Milljour

    Extremely well written and insightful Reid! It is so very tragic to find a US President turn his back on those he gave an oath to protect by allowing this great nation to suffer the consequences of his failed administrative policies. He does nothing, clarifies nothing and throws his distorted views on everything. He is not a leader in the sense of protector, he is a leader of progressive and liberal views and doesn't mind catering to those who hate us, along with those who want to destroy our valued police force (our only physical means of protection outside of our 2nd Amendment Rights). He doesn't stand for what's morally correct and offers no sound resolve to any of the enormous problems we face as a nation. It just seems to me, more and more, that he wants us to fail as a nation and become totally dependent on the government. It appears he will say or do whatever it takes to cause dissention and chaos. He's lessened our military capabilities. He keeps throwing it out there that our 2nd Amendment is what's causing all the gun violence. In other words, he wants to take away our only means of protecting ourselves as individuals, our civil right to bare arms; and he uses that platform whenever violence attacks our great nation. He's obviously more concerned about gun control than the poor citizens who suffer at the hands of those who wish to harm us. I've never wondered whose side he was on, I'm just surprised we haven't woken up way before this point in time and started taking action to impeach him. Or have we, but the liberals, progressives, in the Democratic party, halted our efforts? In God we Trust is on our currency, yet we are even in fear of loosing our God given right to practice our religious beliefs freely. My friend Worth and I were discussing this awhile ago and he is right about this and that is the Constitution, our currency, the basis for the foundation of this great nation all stem from a firm belief in our creator, God. The Muslims don't believe in God, they believe in Mohammed. We both failed to see and understand, therefore, how it is that Muslims have no fear of loosing their right to practice their beliefs and their belief isn't a believe in God at all. Mohammed isn't noted in the constitution. Isn't a religious foundation, a foundation based on the belief in God? Something is seriously wrong with this picture. But, then again, isn't Obama considered a Muslim? He says he believes in God and practices Christianity. I've even heard him say once or twice: "God Bless", but you wouldn't believe it by who he protects, or by what he says or does. Muslim, maybe? Christian, he hasn't a clue! You're right Reid, it will be good to see the end of his term; and I think a great many citizens feel the same least those of us who can still think for ourselves and not depend on the liberal, biased media to confuse, distort and reconstruct the truth, until the news isn't even news and there is no truth left to be found.... it's basically propaganda as far as I'm concerned. It certainly is a sad time for this great nation. A truly sad time for this wonderful world created by God! I always think of the statement: "The truth will set you free." However, finding it isn't that easy anymore! Thank God for this fantastic website and Reid and Barry who made it all possible! God Bless!


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